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Here, we introduce Matsumoto Trading’s laboratories (Open Lab). We support customers’ cosmetics development with state-of-the-art test equipment.

What is Matsumoto Trading’s Open Lab?

Matsumoto Trading’s Open Lab makes all-inclusive product development possible, from the development of original formulations fully leveraging ingredients’ properties, to testing to assess formulation efficacy.
At our laboratories (Open Lab), we have equipment for the trial production of many ingredients, physical measuring instruments and assessment instruments, which enable us to give support in each phase of cosmetics development, including support for trial production in the phase when formulations are being considered and support for technical training.
Many of our business partners use our SPF analyzer and combing tester for free, without having to come to the facility, which is a benefit that is highly acclaimed by them.

What is Matsumoto Trading's Open Lab?

What can be done at Open Lab

Visiting customers can use Open Lab for a wide range of tests and assessments.

Skin assessment tests

We have prepared a room kept at a constant temperature and humidity. In the room, skin assessment tests are conducted in an environment where perspiration and other conditions are controlled.
Testing in this stable environment can minimize deviations in data.

Microemulsion tests

Under high pressure, the high-speed impact of parts of a substance refines the substance into an emulsion.
Nanoscale emulsions can be produced using an emulsion as the substance and further fragmenting the emulsion particles.

Support for the development of makeup products

A three-roller mill, which is very useful in the trial production of cosmetics for makeup or UV protection, is available at Open Lab.

Hair care assessment quantification

The use of a combing tester makes it possible to assess hair care by quantifying the amount of tangling and the amount of static electricity generated, which are not sensory assessments.

Examining skin care efficacy

Various skin analyzers are available. They make it possible to measure moisture and lipid levels, the size of the barrier on the skin’s surface, and other details.

Skin brightness and beauty assessment tests

VISIA evolution can be used to quantify blotches, wrinkles, skin roughness, inflammation, hidden blotches and porphyrin (acne germs).

In vitro/in vivo testing of UV protection formulations

SPF analyzer is available. This instrument is used in the simplified measurement of SPF and PA through in vitro testing.
Note: We conduct these tests on behalf of our customers. Please inquire for details.

Scalp smear and clogging tests

We offer a microscope that can be used with three types of lens.
Example lenses
30-times magnification (for enlarging textures and blotches)
30-times magnification (for enlarging rough skin)
200-times magnification (for enlarging pores)

Please feel free to contact us if you desire to do any other tests or assessments.

Formulation seminars

Formulation seminars

We offer a range of formulation seminars at Open Lab. We are ready to give individual treatment seminars intended for formulation engineers in addition to seminars on original formulations leveraging ingredients’ properties. Please inquire for details.

General formulation seminars

We provide various formulation training programs including a basic formulation seminar, a seminar about lessons from the past and Open Lab Day. The basic formulation seminar is intended for people who have worked for their companies for three years or less and people working on formulations in new fields. Open Lab Day is an approximately half-day seminar that is open to the public. The seminar about lessons from the past is a hands-on formulation seminar intended for researchers working on the front lines of cosmetics development.

Individual formulation seminars

We conduct customized training upon arrangement with a customer as requested (such as in the number of participants, time, contents and location). Since the training is limited to one company, the training can be provided according to the company’s request. Accordingly, training can be provided not only at our laboratories in East and West Japan but also at our customers’ offices and other facilities.

Equipment for trial studies and assessment instruments at Open Lab

Various assessment instruments are available at Open Lab. The environment makes trial production in any category possible, that is, skin care, hair care, UV protection and makeup.
The instruments are available at both the Tokyo Head Office and the Osaka Branch. The laboratories in Osaka and Tokyo are linked to each other via a video conferencing system, enabling the full utilization of our laboratories.

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