Food and Healthcare Department

Introducing the business of Matsumoto Trading Food and Healthcare Department
We promise to make safe, secure and high quality health foods.

The Food and Healthcare Division proposes highly safe health foods that meet the latest market needs. There are various forms of health that our customers demand. We will propose the most suitable products to meet the needs of our customers who are subdivided.

Introducing the business of Matsumoto Trading Food and Healthcare Department We promise to make safe, secure and high quality health foods.

The Food and Healthcare Division proposes highly safe health foods that meet the latest market needs. There are various forms of health that our customers demand. We will propose the most suitable products to meet the needs of our customers who are subdivided.

Raw material sales

Main raw material

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  • Lactoserum®Lactoserum®
  • NcPA®NcPA®
  • Flavocell EQ-5Flavocell EQ-5


A raw material for uric acid levels that became non-pharmaceutical in 2011 and then became available as a food ingredient in 2017.
Orotic acid, which is a component that originally exists in the body, is contained in milk etc. in the ingredients and is a component that is ingested in daily life. In pharmaceuticals, it was an ingredient used in liver care and nourishing tonic drinks as a biliary drug, but as we proceeded with the investigation, we confirmed its effect on uric acid levels.
It has the effect of promoting uric acid excretion by inhibiting the reabsorption of uric acid into the blood in the kidneys, and adjusting the uric acid level to an appropriate range.


The world’s first new beauty ingredient “cPA” is standardized.
The raw material is manufactured from soy lecithin in Japan.
The bioactive substance “cPA (cyclic lysophosphatidic acid)” discovered and researched by Professor Emeritus Kimiko Murofushi. It is an all-in-one cosmetological ingredient that has been shown to have effects on the skin after more than 30 years of research, and is expected to express ceramide that promotes fibroblast proliferation, collagen production, hyaluronic acid synthesis, and barrier function.

Flavocell EQ-5

“Equol” is the source of the power of isoflavones. It is expected to improve menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis and whitening / skin aging prevention.
In Japan, it is said that about 50% of people can convert soy isoflavone to equol, and even those who cannot produce equol can expect an effect by taking equol directly.


Collagen derived from fish and pigs produced in Italy. It is a high quality raw material that complies with European regulations. It is a low molecular weight product with a molecular weight of 2000 ± 500 Da, is very soluble in water, and has no habit of taste or smell, so it is also suitable for use in beauty drinks.

  • AnaGain Nu(AnaGain™ Nu)AnaGain Nu(AnaGain™ Nu)
  • Kinjirushi Wasabi Rufinil®Kinjirushi Wasabi Rufinil®
  • Gold Seal Wasa Slim™Gold Seal Wasa Slim™

AnaGain Nu(AnaGain™ Nu)

A natural hair-growth ingredient made from sprouts of organic pea, which is familiar as a food. The effect of suppressing hair loss has been confirmed in clinical trials.
A unique water-soluble extract powder derived from pea sprout, which enhances the expression of “KGF (FGF7)” and “Noggin” that stimulate hair and bring about growth, thereby maintaining the growth phase in the hair cycle and growing from the resting phase. Encourage the transition to the period.

Kinjirushi Wasabi Rufinil®

“Wasabi”, which is indispensable for Japanese food culture, has been considered as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It is a domestically produced traditional ingredient with a lot of evidence and various effects.
Many functions such as detoxification, antioxidant, and blood flow improvement are being discovered one after another.
It is a raw material compatible with foods with functional claims, and has the function of improving judgment (ability to process information accurately) and attention, which are part of the cognitive function of middle-aged and elderly people who do not have exercise habits.

Gold Seal Wasa Slim™

Due to the fat burning promoting effect of polyphenol contained in this wasabi leaf extract, it is a patented domestically produced raw material for obesity prevention agents.
It has been suggested that flavonoids derived from this wasabi leaf promote the expression of β-3AR and UCP-1 to facilitate the extraction of free fat from white adipocytes and brown adipocytes and promote fat burning.
Human studies have confirmed that 12 weeks of ingestion reduces visceral fat by up to 20.2 ㎠.


Elderberry extract is a powder made from elderberry, which is also called a “country medicine box,” and contains a high concentration of active ingredients using a unique manufacturing method. We have confirmed in clinical trials the effects of cold countermeasures that have been passed down since ancient times.
It is rich in anthocyanins and polyphenols and is expected to have various antiviral effects. In Europe and the United States, it is popular as a standard ingredient alongside Echinacea as an herb for the prevention of colds and influenza.

  • Venus Lactic Acid Bacteria PowderVenus Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder
  • Ionized apatite powderIonized apatite powder
  • Functional Palm Shell Activated Carbon™粉末Functional Palm Shell Activated Carbon™Powder
  • Ina Akamatsu Myo Charcoal®Ina Akamatsu Myo Charcoal ®

Venus Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder

In addition to the lactic acid bacteria (dead bacteria) and lactic acid bacteria fermented extract in a complex culture of 13 types of lactic acid bacteria including Crispatus, which work to increase the number of good bacteria, antibacterial peptides can be expected to work to suppress bad bacteria. .. External tests have been confirmed for its excellent anti-glycation effect and its effect on beautiful skin.
We have acquired the trademarks of “Venus Lactic Acid Bacteria” and “Dental Cleanse Lactic Acid Bacteria”.

Ionized apatite powder

Hydroxyapatite is a calcium component that makes up about 70% of bone and about 97% of tooth enamel. Hydroxyapatite derived from scallop shells is a “naturally-derived, low-crystal” bioapatite produced from domestically produced scallop shells.
Collaboration with hydroxyapatite derived from scallop shells, citric acid, deep sea water minerals, and hydrogen. It promotes saliva secretion and can supply a large amount of calcium ions and phosphorus ions. In addition, the effect was confirmed in the life extension effect test with nematodes.

Functional Palm Shell Activated Carbon™Powder

Super Cleanse Activated Carbon ™, which is made by selecting the world’s highest quality palm husks and applying original processing. Original processing is applied to adjust the pores. It is a raw material that can be expected to have a high cleansing effect and has excellent adsorption performance for AGEs, food additives, heavy metals, etc. Patents and trademarks have been applied for.
It adsorbs food additives, bile acids, waste products, etc. and is ideal for intestinal detoxification.
By adsorbing and excreting bile acids, it can be expected to have preventive / ameliorating effects (metabolic syndrome measures) such as high cholesterol and hyperglycemia.

Ina Akamatsu Myo Charcoal ®

Ina Akamatsu Myo Charcoal ® is a super cleanse activated carbon ™ that has an excellent thermal effect, has an excellent effect of increasing body temperature and adsorbing to cooking oil, and can be expected to have a detoxifying effect. A patent application has been filed using an original manufacturing method.
“One of the longest-lived villages in Japan” Only the charcoal of red pine that lives in the “Bunpaku Pass area” in the Ina region of Nagano prefecture is used. It is a functional edible charcoal that utilizes water vapor and has excellent adsorption characteristics to edible oil. A raw material carbonized by a unique manufacturing method using carefully selected red pine trees in the Ina region with an altitude of 700 meters or more, which is said to be harmless to pine worms. The Ina region is the safest production area of red pine without the influence of radioactive substances.

  • Kamakura Bamboo Charcoal PowderKamakura Bamboo Charcoal Powder
  • Nosu hemp charcoal powderNosu hemp charcoal powder
  • Fermented lactoseFermented lactose
  • Konjac ceramideKonjac ceramide

Kamakura Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Kamakura Keitake Charcoal ® contains silicon and is a super cleanse activated carbon ™ that is attracting attention from middle-aged and older men due to its beauty effect and purine adsorption effect. A patent application has been filed using an original manufacturing method.
Bamboo that grows naturally in the limited area of Kamakura territory, which is rich in silicon, is used. High-purity Super Cleanse Activated Carbon ™ that utilizes water vapor.
Silicon is contained in skin, hair, nails and blood vessels, reinforces collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, and is a very important ingredient for beauty. It is also related to bone density and is said to decrease with age.

Nosu hemp charcoal powder

Hemp charcoal made from 100% Noshu hemp, a brand variety that boasts a history of 480 years in Tochigi prefecture. Hemp charcoal has excellent porosity among charcoals and is suitable for intestinal cleansing.
Hemp cultivated in Japan is made into hemp charcoal and processed into powder. It is the highest quality hemp charcoal produced by a hemp farmer who has been in Tochigi prefecture for 480 years. 200 mesh pass, fine particles of 72 microns or less. The porosity of hemp charcoal is said to be 1.6 times that of bamboo charcoal and 4 times that of Bincho charcoal. It mixes well with any ingredient and can be used without changing the flavor or taste of the ingredients. Hemp charcoal is a material approved as a food additive (colorant).

Fermented lactose

It has calcium absorption promoting action and equol production promoting action, and is a raw material expected to be anti-aging such as prevention and alleviation of osteoporosis and lifestyle-related diseases.
It has the effect of increasing the absorption rate of minerals such as iron and zinc, including the nutrient calcium, which is said to have poor absorption efficiency into the body, and the function of adjusting the hormone balance and relieving menopausal symptoms by ingesting it together with soy isoflavone and equol. Turned out.
“Lactobionic acid” is a reliable supporter who hides it even though it has power and devotes itself to follow-up.

Konjac ceramide

Ceramide, a water-retaining ingredient in the outermost stratum corneum of the skin, provides a barrier to skin moisture retention and external stimuli. Ceramide is a raw material that enhances the “moisture, elasticity, and smoothness” of the skin and is expected to improve “itching”.
Ceramide is an essential ingredient to keep our skin beautiful. It is a water-retaining component in the outermost stratum corneum of the skin, and is one of the components present in the intercellular lipids that fill cells. To prevent the skin from becoming dry, it is necessary to keep water in the skin, and ceramide binds to water and acts as a barrier to the skin.

  • β cryptoxanthinβ cryptoxanthin
  • Almond proteinAlmond protein
  • Fish proteinFish protein
  • Horus fermented and aged collagenHorus fermented and aged collagen

β cryptoxanthin

β-cryptoxanthin is one of the carotenoids and is one of the six major carotenoids present in human blood along with α-carotene, β-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin and lutein. It has been confirmed that β-cryptoxanthin has an osteoporosis preventive effect, a body fat reducing effect, and a skin-beautifying effect.
β-Cryptoxanthin is contained in papaya, persimmon, loquat, etc., including mandarin oranges.

Almond protein

An almond protein powder that removes fat and is manufactured without chemical treatment. It features a milder flavor and smoother texture than other vegetable proteins. Using 100% selected California sweet almonds and degreasing them, it becomes a product with increased protein content. This product has a clearer and milder flavor than conventional almond powder. In addition, since the almond flavor is utilized, it is expected to have a masking effect and flavor improvement of other vegetable proteins.

Fish protein

A protein powder made from blue whiting, a type of cod. It is extremely soluble, has a mild fish flavor, and is characterized by its high content of glutamic acid, which is an umami ingredient. It has a protein content of 90% and contains a large amount of low-molecular-weight peptides that are excellent in digestion and absorption, and has an absorption rate superior to that of vegetable proteins. Because it is a salty protein powder, you can fortify protein in your diet such as miso soup and soup.

Horus fermented and aged collagen

Collagen peptide fermented and aged by adding yeast and pineapple juice.
Higher absorbency and usefulness can be expected by reducing the molecular weight by fermentation and aging.
A product fermented and aged by adding yeast and pineapple juice to collagen peptide. High absorbability and usefulness can be expected by fermenting with yeast and decomposing collagen to a certain size by the proteolytic enzyme contained in pineapple juice.
Furthermore, due to fermentation and aging, amino acids such as glycine and proline, potassium and magnesium, and vitamin B2 minerals and vitamins are increased compared to normal collagen.

Handling health food raw materials

  • Zinc yeast
  • α-lipoic acid
  • Edible silk
  • L-Cystine
  • Reduction fermented lactic acid bacteria
  • Green rooibos extract
  • KT-11
  • Sart Max
  • Pomegranate lagic acid
  • Neutrox Sun
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Bill Beron
  • Bifislim fungus
  • Venetron
  • Mugwort extract
  • Liposomal vitamin C
  • Red orange complex
  • Wasabi thiohexyl

Cosmetology measurement

Cosmetology measurement

About planning beauty products We support product development from various angles by proposing raw materials and providing measurement services using beauty measurement equipment.
We will set up a constant humidity and constant temperature room to suppress changes in the skin due to humidity and temperature, and carry out tests on skin measuring machines.
Since it is fully equipped with a dresser, females can feel free to participate as subjects.

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Cosmetology measurement
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You can take color photographs and UV photographs, and you can measure “stains”, “wrinkles”, “pores”, “texture”, “hidden stains”, “inflamed areas”, “porphyrin amount”, etc. before and after use. The analysis results can be compared with the average value of the same age group, and reports can be created.

Skin measurement

You can measure the moisturization and elasticity of the skin.

  • Tevameter (Measurement of transepidermal water loss) Measures the amount
     of water evaporated from the skin.
  • Corneometer (Measurement of water content in the stratum corneum)
     Instantly measures the amount of water contained in the stratum corneum.
  • Cebu meter (measurement of oil content)
     Measures the amount of sebum secreted.
  • Cute meter (measurement of skin viscoelasticity)
     Measures the elasticity of the skin.

Color measurement

By quantifying colors from “hue,” “brightness,” and “saturation,” it is possible to accurately discriminate and compare skin colors regardless of the viewer, location, or condition.

Contract manufacturing of health foods (OEM)

We provide one-stop solutions for planning proposals, product design, and packaging forms that meet the needs of our customers.
We can also handle various dosage forms and foods with taste. Please feel free to contact us.

Contract manufacturing of health foods (OEM)